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Niclas Nilsson

Playing coach at fooheads


Clojure - simple, powerful and very interactive
Thursday 15:00 - 15:50
functional programming

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This talk gives you an introduction to the Clojure language, and how the interaction with the REPL can change the way you develop programs.

In Clojure, you develop programs in a way that is not common in most programming languages. The interaction with the running system through the REPL turns the way you do things on it's head in many ways. The code is very flexible and it feels like clay rather than like granite, yet you can get a safety net that is stronger than both your test suites and your compiler's type checking. Not a bad combination! Also, the fact that you in many situations treat your code as data makes Clojure very powerful, and it can lead to significant productivity boosts.

This talk does not assume any previous experience with Clojure, so if you're the curious type and enjoy seeing other ways to do things, this talk is for you.


Niclas is a playing coach, educator and writer with a deep passion for the software development craft. He started working as a developer in 1992 and drawn from experience, he knows that some choices make a significant difference in software development, like languages, tools and processes. He's a productivity junkie, which is the reason behind his affection for things like test- and behaviour-driven development, pair-programming and all sorts of automation.