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Matt Lavoie

Lead UX Designer at PowerDMS


Ideation - Applying Craftsmanship to Developing Ideas
Thursday 16:10 - 17:55

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People who design and develop software typically love to solve problems, and are good at it. But because we can do it so quickly, we often jump into executing on the first solution we arrive at. This may be fine in many situations, but it could prevent us from discovering a particularly great or innovative answer to the problem. When working on a competitive product, this matters.

Ideation is a collaborative practice of applying craftsmanship to the generation of solutions in a problem space. It is also a fundamental step in any Human Centered Design process.

This workshop will illustrate what ideation looks like, how to facilitate it, and where it fits in with the product development life cycle. We will cover different ideation frameworks, approaches, and learn by ideating together. Perhaps we will even come up with some novel ideas.

Ideation isn't a magic wand, but it will help you and your team to be intentional about crafting ideas; not just stopping at the first obvious solution to a problem. You may be very surprised with what we come up with together.


Matt Lavoie loves solving real problems for real people, and inspiring others to do the same. Though his career began in software development, it pivoted to user experience design after he discovered a passion for the field and saw a need for the role. He is now the Lead User Experience Designer at PowerDMS, a cloud based crucial content platform, and founder of the Downtown UX Meetup, a community of UX professionals and advocates in Orlando, Florida.