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Matt Aimonetti

CTO & CoFounder at Splice


Simplify the stack
Friday 14:30 - 15:20
programming languages

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Very few projects start by aiming for complexity, yet very few manage to keep things simple. Simple isn't easy and during this talk I will present ways of evaluating, caring and maintaining a stack over the years while keeping in mind simplicity. I will also cover some of the work we did at Splice to reduce the growing complexity of the stack, the challenges we faced and compromises we had to make.

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Originally a sound engineer, Matt Aimonetti became an internationally known software developer, technical writer and open source contributor. As CTO and Co-Founder of Splice, he found a way to mix his passions: software, music and entrepreneurship. Matt is based in Santa Monica, CA where he likes building robots with his daughter, playing with sound gear with his son and enjoying a good meal with his wife.