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Mandi Walls

Technical Community Manager, EMEA at Chef Software


Habitat hands-on
Friday 15:40 - 17:15
immutable infrastructure

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In this Introduction to Habitat workshop, we will give an overview of the powerful features included in the Habitat project. We will build an application in the Habitat Studio, publish and promote new versions of an application, and push configuration changes and application updates in real time. Participants should come prepared with a laptop and an ssh client. Familiarity with a text editor such as vim or nano will be needed.


Mandi Walls is Technical Community Manager, EMEA at Chef. For Chef, she helps technology organizations increase their effectiveness using configuration management and modern IT practices. She is a regular speaker at technical conferences, and is the author of the whitepaper “Building a DevOps Culture” published by O’Reilly. She is interested in the emergence of new tools and workflows to make the task of operating large complex computing systems more approachable.