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Jason Lengstorf

Software Architect


How I Cut My Working Hours in Half and Somehow Managed to Get More Done
Thursday 16:10 - 17:00
work life balance
career advancement

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Three hours. In an average eight-hour workday, the average developer will get maybe three hours of actual work done. Between distractions, interruptions, overloaded schedules, and tight deadlines, it can feel like we'll never get anything done. In this talk, Jason Lengstorf shares his story of grinding out 70–90 hours a week, and the surprisingly simple changes he made to turbocharge his productivity, earn more money, and work an average of 37 hours a week in 2016 — while also rediscovering life outside of work.

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Jason Lengstorf is a developer, designer, author, and friendly bear. His focus is on the efficiency and performance of people, teams, and software. At work, he creates training materials, processes, and systems to Make The Right Thing The Easy Thing™. At all other times, he wanders the earth in search of new and better snacks. He lives in Portland, OR.