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Jasmine Zahno

Agile Psychologist at Agile Psychologist


Seven (plus/minus two) ways your brain screws you up - Going beyond some psychology memes floating around the Agile community
Friday 11:20 - 12:10
Agile psychology

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"Cognitive bias" is a well-known psychological effect often called up to explain - or excuse - a person's behaviour. Although one of the most familiar psychological concepts around, it's definitely not the only one that affects a person's thinking and acting. 

This talk will focus on some cognitive biases and some lesser-known psychological concepts that play a role in influencing how we think and work, as well as correcting misinformation about a few buzzwords. In their inimitable way, Jasmine and Joseph will go beyond the hype to separate facts from the fiction surrounding some of the most popular psychological memes floating around the Agile world. From fundamental attribution error over linguistic priming to the latest research on the Dunning-Kruger effect, we'll discuss the meanings and relevance of these concepts. Most phenomena chosen have a direct relationship to Agile work, but a few have been included simply because they're interesting or funny.

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Jasmine Zahno is an Agile coach who is passionate about the people side of product development. Her master’s degree in organisational psychology uniquely qualifies her to deal with the human issues that arise when the Agile paradigm collides with traditional organisational structures. A firm believer in “inspect and adapt”, she has made it her goal to help organisations create productive and motivating environments that encourage and inspire employees to do their best work.