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Bill Wake

Consultant at Industrial Logic


Refactoring to Patterns and Other Useful Places
Friday 14:30 - 15:20
design patterns

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Some refactoring is emergent; we follow our nose and go where it leads.

Other refactoring is directional, bending the code a particular way, be it toward a classic design pattern or another desirable design.

We will:

  • Explore some examples of "refactoring with the end in mind",
  • Draw some lessons about strategies, tactics, risks, and benefits, and
  • Consider ways to sustain big refactorings in the long run.
You'll leave with ideas for how to safely evolve code to take advantage of your best design instincts. 

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Bill Wake is a consultant with Industrial Logic, Inc. He has been a coach and trainer for more than ten years, and a developer for more than twenty years. 

Bill is best known in the Agile community for the Arrange-Act-Assert pattern for unit tests and the INVEST model for user stories. He’s writing a book about medium-sized refactorings; when he’s procrastinating on that, he’s probably playing a mountain dulcimer for fun.