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Bill Odom

Software Developer, Trainer, and Consultant at Independent


CSS Grid: Get ready to fall in love
Friday 10:20 - 11:10
css grid
web development

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Quick! How do you feel about CSS?

Yeah, that's what I thought. :) It's not unreasonable -- CSS can seem more like a hindrance than a help, an obstacle to be overcome instead of a tool that enables developers to create great applications.

It's time to take another look. A lot of fantastic things have happened with CSS recently, and arguably the most significant of these is the widespread rollout of CSS Grid. It's a whole new way to handle layout for web pages, and finally frees us from the misery of floats and the rat's nest of row/column divs that have infested our HTML for far too long.

Perhaps even more importantly, CSS Grid enables us to do things that, until now, were practically impossible (or just ridiculously painful) with HTML and CSS, and all with beautifully clean markup and straightforward, understandable CSS.

In this talk, we'll take a lightning tour of CSS Grid and and see how it can make building web pages and web applications dramatically easier. Along the way, we'll touch on several other CSS capabilities (some recent, and some just tragically underappreciated), show how to use them in combination with CSS Grid, and demonstrate the amazing capabilities that these combinations unlock.

CSS Grid is great stuff. Really, you're gonna love it. :)

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Angular for Real
Tuesday 9:00 - 17:00
web development
single-page web applications
web frameworks
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Angular has exploded in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. It provides a powerful approach to building web applications, and it's surprisingly easy to create a real, working application with very little effort.

Unfortunately, it's just as easy to get stuck as it is to get started. Angular is powerful, yes, but the learning curve is steep, and while it makes easy things very easy, progress beyond that early rush of success can be tough. Many developers find themselves, a few weeks (or even months) into an Angular project, wondering how things got so out of hand.

This workshop will fix that. We'll start with an overview that puts all the major pieces of Angular in context, and explains their purpose and intent. From there, we'll dive into specific tools and techniques to help you build Angular applications that are maintainable, performant, and scalable.

Specifically, we'll talk about these topics from a distinctly Angular perspective:
  • Architecture, layout, and file structure of large applications
  • What goes where, and why -- routing, services, components, and more
  • State management
  • Performance considerations
  • Testing strategies
  • Workflows, tooling, and automation
  • Future-proofing and migration (a.k.a., preparing for the inevitable)
  • Real-world style guidelines and best practices
In short, we'll cover what it takes to build complex Angular applications that are fast and robust, without losing the power and flexibility that Angular provides.

This workshop is targeted toward experienced developers. (Experience developing web applications, however, is not strictly required.)

Please bring a laptop with the following installed:


Bill Odom has been a software designer, developer, or systems architect for nearly three decades. For the last several years, he’s served as a consultant, trainer, and senior software developer for organizations large and small all across the US. These days, he divides his time between building large, complex web applications, and teaching other people how to build large, complex web applications. He feels weird writing about himself in the third person.