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Bernd Rücker

Developer Advocate at Camunda


Break your event chains! Complex event flows in distributed systems
Thursday 11:50 - 12:40
State Machine
Workflow Automation

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Event-driven architectures enable nicely decoupled microservices and are fundamental for decentral data management. However, using peer-to-peer event chains to implement complex end-to-end logic crossing service boundaries can accidentally increase coupling. Extracting such business logic into dedicated services reduces coupling and allows to keep sight of larger-scale flows - without violating bounded contexts, harming service autonomy or introducing god services. Service boundaries get clearer and service APIs get smarter by focusing on their potentially long running nature. We will demonstrate how the new generation of lightweight and highly-scalable state machines ease the implementation of long running services. Based on our real-life experiences, we will share how to handle complex logic and flows which require proper reactions on failures, timeouts and compensating actions and we provide guidance backed by code examples to illustrate alternative approaches.

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I started developing software more than 15 years ago. During my career I coached countless real-life software projects and helped many customers to implement business logic centered around long running flows, for example the order process of the rapid growing start-up Zalando selling clothes worldwide or the provisioning process for e.g. SIM cards at a couple of big telecommunication companies. During that time I contributed to various open source workflow engines. I am also author of two books and co-founder of Camunda. I am totally enthusiastic about how flows will be implemented in next generation architectures.