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Arlo Belshee

Legacy Code Mender at Tableau


Refactoring to asynchronous pattern
Friday 14:30 - 15:20

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How do we change causality without breaking things? There are a lot of problems we solve with accidentally synchronous solutions: functions and procedures that do the work when called. These are great for simplicity and debuggability. However, they can present problems with testability and responsiveness. But changing this choice is hard. Execution model is effectively an architectural concern. In this talk we will refactor between synchronous and asynchronous approaches to common problems: UI, data processing, and assembling components into bigger components. We will do this with true refactoring: incremental, able to stop at any time, and proving that no step ever introduces our fixes a bug - even in untested code. As a side effect, we will turn some difficult to test code into a much easier to test design. Safely.

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Arlo hates bugs. He can't kill all of them in the world; that's where you come in.

Arlo changes cultures in large organizations, so that they can stop wasting their time writing (and then finding and fixing) bugs. He transitions hundreds or thousands of people at a time to full technical and cultural prowess in a way that sticks.

More importantly, Arlo gives your company the ability to change its own culture. He seeks to be the last consultant you will ever need to hire. After 6 months, you should be able to adapt your culture, practices, and company structures to meet novel challenges, each in a matter of days.

Arlo tries stuff in the real world. Some of it works. Some doesn't. Then he talks about what he tried. He knows the theory, but only cares about the practical outcomes.

He's also got this thing with names. His innovations include Naked Planning, Promiscuous Pairing, and Drunken Estimation. Oh, and he's Bloody Stupid from time to time.

For a good time, chat him up in a hall, a bar, or online.