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CraftHub Main Stage
May 19, 16:55 - 17:40 CET
Orchestration vs Choreography, A Guide To Composing Your Monolith
Software Delivery Craft Matters
Level: Intermediate

Microservices promise rapid evolution, operational independence, and technological flexibility. However, it's important to address the potential challenges that can arise, especially those related to unexpected coupling, reliability and development velocity. Without sufficient care and planning, microservices and agile methodologies may inadvertently undermine the big picture thinking needed for stable system growth and long-term business value.

Join us as we delve into the concept of coupling in distributed systems and organization design. Gain insights into designing effective connections between services to avoid the pitfalls outlined in Lehman's Laws of Software Evolution.

In this talk, we'll explore essential topics like Domain Driven Design, data contracts, and interaction patterns such as orchestration and choreography. Additionally, we'll discuss how serverless services can empower your goals of autonomy, operational stability, innovation, and increased team velocity.

Unleash the full potential of your microservices architecture while maintaining simplicity and effectiveness.

Craft 2023 - Ian Thomas
Ian Thomas
Software Engineer at Meta

Ian's background is in Computer Science with a detour into UX and design. He has worked in client services businesses and in-house across various software engineering, architecture and strategy roles. He currently works as a Software Engineer for Meta and previously as a technology leader for Genesis Global, a low-code platform that enables financial market organisations to innovate at speed. Befo...