Craft Conference

An international, festival-like conference about software delivery craft

May 18-19, 2023
More than a conference...

Craft Conference is an international festival-like tech event in the heart of Europe, Hungary. It combines talk sessions, workshops and a hackathon where attendees can learn about the latest tools, methods and practices of software craft. An event that serves as a compass on new technologies and trends in software delivery provided by the greatest experts from all over the world.

  • Networking

    Meet other like-minded people who join Craft to learn about software delivery craft.

  • Learning

    Learn from the greatest experts who tell you about the latest trends and best practices in software delivery.

  • Recordings

    You might need to refresh your memory later. Thanks to being hybrid, the recordings will be available and you can get back to them.


Meet our amazing speakers at Craft in 2023 and learn about their fascinating experience in the world of software developing!

Featured speakers
Craft 2023 - Linda Rising
Linda Rising

Independent consultant

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Craft 2023 - Dave Farley
Dave Farley

Founder and Director at Continuous Delivery

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Craft 2023 - Daniel Terhorst-North
Daniel Terhorst-North

Principal Consultant at Dan North & Associates Ltd

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Craft 2023 - Ire Aderinokun
Ire Aderinokun

Co-Founder, COO, VP Engineering at Helicarrier

Craft 2023 - Helicarrier
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Craft 2023 - Tejas Shikhare
Tejas Shikhare

Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

Craft 2023 - Netflix
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Craft 2023 - Alistair Cockburn
Alistair Cockburn

Creator at Heart of Agile

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Craft 2023 - Michael Nygard
Michael Nygard

VP of Data Engineering at Nubank

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Craft 2023 - Katie Gamanji
Katie Gamanji

Senior Kubernetes Field Engineer

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Craft 2023 - Heidi Helfand
Heidi Helfand

Principal Consultant and Coach at

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Craft 2023 - Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson

Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google

Craft 2023 - Google
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Craft 2023 - Ainsley Escorce-Jones
Ainsley Escorce-Jones

Staff Software Engineer at Stripe

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Craft 2023 - Joseph Pelrine
Joseph Pelrine

Agile Psychologist

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Craft 2023 - Kevlin Henney
Kevlin Henney

Thought Provoker at Curbralan

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Craft 2023 - Nick Tune
Nick Tune

Principal Consultant at Empathy Software

Craft 2023 - Empathy Software
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Craft 2023 - Aslam Khan
Aslam Khan

Software Developer at FoldLeft

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Craft 2023 - Nivia Henry
Nivia Henry

Engineering Director at Spotify

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Craft 2023 - Gojko Adzic
Gojko Adzic

Partner at Neuri Consulting LLP

Craft 2023 - Neuri Consulting LLP
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Craft 2023 - Venkat Subramaniam
Venkat Subramaniam

Founder at Agile Developer

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Craft 2023 - Emily  Webber
Emily Webber

Agile Organisational Consultant at Tacit

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Craft 2023 - Patrick Kua
Patrick Kua

CTO Coach and EM/Tech Lead Trainer at

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Craft 2023 - Sam Newman
Sam Newman

Independent consultant, author at Sam Newman and Associates Limited

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Craft 2023 - Jurgen Appelo
Jurgen Appelo

Owner at Happy Melly

Craft 2023 - Happy Melly
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Craft 2023 - Simon Brown
Simon Brown

Independent Consultant

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Craft 2023 - Michael Feathers
Michael Feathers

Chief Architect at Globant

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Craft 2023 - Scott Hanselman
Scott Hanselman

Partner Program Manager at Microsoft

Craft 2023 - Microsoft
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Craft 2023 - Colin Breck
Colin Breck

Cloud Platforms Lead at Tesla

Craft 2023 - Tesla
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Who is it for?

Craft Conference creates a place for Software Engineers, Software Developers, System Engineers, Full Stack Developers, Cloud Engineers, Team Leaders, Software Architects.

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Craft 2023 - Shapr3D
Craft 2023 - AdNovum
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Craft 2023 - Bitrise
Craft 2023 - Transcend
Craft 2023 - Tresorit
Craft 2023 - Hearsay
Craft 2023 - Empathy Software
Craft 2023 - Chronoshpere
Craft 2023 - SQUER
Professional Partner
Craft 2023 - IVSZ
Craft 2023 - ContactOut
Craft 2023 - CioApplications
Craft 2023 - ApiX-Drive
Craft 2023 - ApiumHub
Craft 2023 - Kube Careers
Craft 2023 - Kube Events
Craft 2023 - DevITJobs
Craft 2023 - Stickermule
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