Tal Doron

Principal Software Engineer, Technical Coach at NICE


Refactoring Frenzy - Don't settle for short term
Wednesday 17:10 - 17:55
Clean Code
Coding excellence
live coding

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In every second, legacy code is being written everywhere in the world for poor unfortunate future maintainers to "delight" upon.. The best weapon against legacy and code decay is the art of refactoring. In this session I'll be live coding in "frenzy mode" in order to refactor the famous Gilded Rose code Kata, while revealing hands on tips and tricks about refactoring (and not re - writing) and harnessing the IDE to my advantage.


Tal is a Software Engineer, Hands-on consultant, Trainer and a Technical coach at NICE. He started his professional path working on complex legacy systems written in old .net BE and FE technologies.. While debugging and troubleshooting his way out of the legacy trenches into the "new" Java based, cloud hosted micro services world, he started learning, practicing, implementing, teaching and mastering agile software engineering practices (Clean Code, Advanced Refactoring, TDD, BDD, Emergent Design, etc.). He finds great value and interest in code Katas and enjoys coding, teaching, mentoring and learning new things as much as he can.