Miklós Szennai

Team leader at Bosch


Onboarding with web application @ Bosch
Thursday 16:50 - 17:35

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The subject of this nomination is a tool, which helps many colleagues from newcomers to long-term Bosch employees. The On-The-Job Training Plan manager tool gives the chance to create, handle and archive introduction plans online, without any printings. When a newcomer enters the world of Bosch, there are several organizational hierarchy layers, from where requirements are coming towards her/him. With this tool it is possible to manage these layers from onboarding point of view, generate introduction plan content in a systematic way, considering corporate, divisional, BU-level, site-level, departmental, group level, role-specific or any other kind of knowledge need, based on the given situation, so it is completely personalizable. Mandatory trainings controlled by the management systems of Bosch are managed in the tool by system quality colleagues, while professional training needs are in the hands of the given organizational units, this ensures that every new colleague gets all the necessary knowledge to start a successful work at the company.