Michael Carducci

Principal Software Architect at IHS Markit


Ego-Driven Development
Thursday 17:10 - 17:55

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Think back over your career as a software developer. How many great--and I mean truly great--software developers have you worked with? The chances are you can count them on one hand? What sets these legends apart from the rest? What does it take to be considered truly great? Michael can certainly tell you what NOT to do… from cold, bitter experience. Ego Driven Development is a humorous and brutally honest look at a career spanning over two decades. We dive into war stories, train wrecks and so many misguided attempts at greatness. There is a path to becoming a truly great software engineer, but it's not always where we first look. Join us for a keynote with laughs, perspective, and inspiration for the future.


Michael Carducci is a hands-on software architect, consultant, entrepreneur, entertainer and speaker with a reputation for doing the impossible. Over the past two decades he has gained experience and insights from a variety of roles spanning the full project life-cycle and numerous technologies. In addition to his experience in the technology industry, Michael has earned equal recognition and renown as an award-winning professional magician and mentalist. This pursuit has earned him a unique perspective on problem solving, human psychology, and communication. In the before times, when not on the road speaking, coding, or performing; Michael could be found exploring the mountains of Colorado on two wheels, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, or deep under water exploring shipwrecks and reefs. These days it’s mainly just a lot of Netflix…