Martín Gonzalez

Principal Software Engineer at etermax


The Gaming Formula. Widget as a Service and How to Innovate to Reduce Development Times
Thursday 15:45 - 16:05

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Developing a game is time consuming, and creating more than one is even worse, where teams have to rework functionalities. At etermax we focus on constantly innovating and breaking the mold. In the past years, we've strategically decided to focus on launching more than one or two games per year. Last year we launched 8 official titles, although there were others in development that didn't see the light. So now, we have many products in development with unique gameplay but that re-make features that others had already done. We started with packages, but then we found that Unity also repeated the creation of views, and that is where our idea of reusable cross-product Widgets was born. Using these good practices we find solutions to optimize and improve our processes. That is why we developed a system of reusable cross-product widgets, so that our developers can reuse the same feature in all games to focus their efforts on gameplay and be one step ahead of the product, to act quickly and improve its attributes. With this talk we want to share with the audience, whether they are or not working in the Gaming industry (I believe most of them not), and inspire them with our practices in the Gaming industry, one of the most dynamic and changing industries in the world, to apply them in any problem developers can encounter.


Unity developer in the world of software engineering, Martin’s career started almost a decade ago creating Unity3D and C# projects. Currently, he leads etermax teams, helping them grow and improve the development of production processes, using various tools such as Java, Ruby, Docker, Javascript and Kotlin, among others. Martín is passionate about optimizing development processes, always seeking to reduce production time.