Gergely Orosz

Author, Building Mobile Apps at Scale. Formerly at Uber, Skype, Microsoft. at The Pragmatic Engineer


The Journey to Hundreds of Engineers Building a Mobile App
Friday 15:00 - 15:45
Large-Scale Development
Scaling Up
Software Engineering

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Join me on a journey as we go from a small mobile app built by a single engineer, to this app evolving into a complex mobile app used by millions of customers, and built and maintained by close to a hundred mobile engineers. What are some major challenges at each step? How does team composition differ at the stages? Where do practices like mobile platform teams, experimentation, code governance and many others come into play? You’ll walk away with a toolset you can use both to prepare for future growth of your app or team, and inspiration with practices that might help with your current stage.


Taking a break from traditional employment, Gergely has written Building Mobile Apps at Scale, Growing as a Mobile Engineer and The Tech Resume Inside Out. He is working on his next book, The Software Engineer’s Guidebook before starting something new in the platform engineering space. Gergely was most recently heading up payments teams at Uber, working with the Rider, Driver and Eats apps, shipping features to more than 100 million monthly users. He joined Uber as a mobile engineer and kept being involved in the mobile space throughout his time, and founded the Money Mobile Platform Team during his time there. Gergely regularly blogs on The Pragmatic Engineer, and you can also find him on Twitter and Youtube.