Mefi (Gábor Nádai)

Engineering Manager at Bitrise


Do Software Engineers Age like Wine... or Milk?
Friday 15:45 - 16:05
career path
software engineering

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One of the engineers I worked together with asked me during a 1:1 conversation: at what age I'll become obsolete as a coder? I was just about 30 years old back then, and to be honest, the question hit me. We always hear that "in this rapidly changing environment" if you can't keep the tempo, you won't be a good fit for most of the companies. But as we are getting "older", there are more meaningful things in life than just coding. Is there any other path for software engineers than becoming a manager? When will you be considered as an old engineer? Are old engineers less desirable at fancy companies? Since that conversation, I discussed this topic with many other engineers around my age. In this talk, I'll cover this topic based on my experience in helping software engineers to grow.


Gábor Nádai, but you can call him Mefi. Engineering Manager, currently working with a talented group of people at Bitrise, the market-leading CI/CD solution for mobile devs. His mission is building awesome communities and high-performing teams by empowering engineers in excelling their career, to create great software which truly helps people.