Attila Csibi

Profinet subdomain architect in TIA Portal at evosoft Hungary kft


Is the non-coding architect architect at all?
Friday 16:05 - 16:50

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It may sound as a commonplace these days that software architects participate in numerous meetings, support everyone, rather ’draw boxes’ and have no time to left for anything else. It is essential to note here that ’software architect’ is a technical role; most of us try to follow technological trends, innovative solutions and would like to code as well during the daily activities and would like to develop ourselves in coding and areas connected to coding. We do these things from internal motivation or personal commitment. As I say in the presentation: we have the coding genes within. Even if you do not feel like this, you must support your team’s development as their technical leader. It is hard to do so if you are not an authentic model: you only preach about all sorts of best practices, and you haven’t done any coding for years. After all, can we consider an architect who does not code an architect nowadays? What if many team members code better than you as an architect? How do you feel in these situations? How do they perceive it? My presentation with the provocative title examines these questions.


I have been working in TIA Portal/DeviceFramework/Profinet subdomain for 13 years. First as a developer, later I became Architect in the same subdomain. DeviceFramework is not a real product. It is a platform for a bunch of Products where you can configure and parametrize all kinds of Industrial Automation device families. This various devices have various configuration and networking functions in many combinatorics. Therefore I ‘ve got relevant experiences especially within the Quality Attributes platform, extensibility, performance.