Christine Yen

CEO/Cofounder at Honeycomb


The Future of Developer Careers: When Dev and Ops Meet
Thursday 17:10 - 17:55
observability, development, production

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The last decade and change has seemingly been all about developer productivity: shipping code faster, delivering continuously, and breaking apart monoliths in the name of greater flexibility. But the next frontier yet looms: production. Leading software engineering organizations are increasingly asking developers to own their code in production—but what does that mean, in practice? We'll discuss tooling (ready to embrace developers, or built for a different audience?), culture (how does embracing production help us skill up as devs?), and more in this talk.


Christine delights in being a developer in a room full of ops folks. As cofounder of, an observability tool changing how engineering teams understand their production systems, she cares deeply about bridging the gap between devs and ops with technological and cultural improvements. Outside of work, Christine is kept busy by her two dogs and wants your science fiction & fantasy book recommendations.