Brian Houck

Principal Productivity Engineer at Microsoft


SPACE: Measuring Developer Productivity and the New Future of Work
Thursday 17:10 - 17:55
remote work
software development

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Developer productivity is about more than an individual's activity levels or the efficiency of the engineering systems relied on to ship software, and it cannot be measured by a single metric or dimension. In this session we’ll be discussing how to use the SPACE framework for measuring developer productivity across multiple dimensions to better understand productivity in practice. We’ll discuss common myths around developer productivity, and propose a collection of sample metrics to navigate around those pitfalls. In this session we'll also share how measuring developer productivity has allowed us to build new insights about what challenges the shift to remote work has introduced for software engineers, and how to overcome many of those challenges moving forward into a new future of work.


Brian works in the Azure Engineering Systems team at Microsoft, and is focused on making the thousands of internal developers contributing to Azure productive and happy in their jobs. He is passionate about building a better understanding of the tooling, process and cultural factors that impact productivity, and finding solutions to address any barriers. Over the last year, Brian has been researching the technical, sociological, and psychological effect that COVID has had on developers, and working on how to maximize developer productivity in an increasingly remote working environment.