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Reawakening Agile with OKRs
Wednesday 16:05 - 16:50

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Agile had been tamed, the radical youth has gown into a milder, less disruptive, more corporate 20-year old. But Mild Agile lacks the cutting edge which made it fun and inspired. Allan Kelly thinks Agile's radical edge could be reawakened with an unlikely management tool: OKRs - Objectives and Key Results. Once an OKR cynic Allan got a surprise when he used OKRs: they work. Used right OKRs fit well with agile and offer the tantalising prospect of reawakening agile's radical side, aligning management with teams, improving communication and resolving the tyranny of the backlog. In this presentation Allan Kelly will share his journey from cynic to enthusiast and explain why he thinks OKRs a force for good.

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Allan Kelly considers himself an Agile Guide - he helps software professionals enjoy more fulfilling and satisfying work by improving the way work is organised and requests are made. Happier people and better ways of working make for more effective companies, greater value and competitive advantage. His wide experience of the challenges faced in software development underpins his advice, coaching, training and writing. Allan's latest book is "Succeeding with OKRs in Agile", on Twitter he is @allankellynet and his blog is at