Tatiana (Lukyanova) Pastukhova

Founder/Coach/Product Management/Freelance at Mind Twist Consulting


Beyond Psychological Safety - Tools From Psychology For Enabling Intelligent, High-Performing Teams
June 1, 2022 (9:00-17:00 CEST) Instructure Hungary - 1112 Budapest, Balatoni út 2.
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Despite being hyped in the Agile community because of Google discovering its importance, psychological safety alone is not enough. It is a necessary but not sufficient precondition for sucessful intelligent and high-performing teams. But what else is needed? This workshop will present additional research as well as tools used by psychologists that boost team intelligence and performance, and will explore the potential for their use in your teams. Bring along your laptop and try some tests and games that will help your teams improve their collaboration and performance, and learn how to design your own.

After attending this workshop, you will

  • have a basic understanding of the psychological concepts of team intelligence and performance

  • go beyond the buzzwords to understand where and how psychological safety fits into these larger concept

  • have working knowledge of a validated framework for designing exercises to increase team performance

  • have hands-on experience with psychological tools and techniques that can be used to implement and support the exercises

  • have a toolkit of techniques that you can immediately use to help your teams to improve how they work together

Prerequisites: a laptop with internet connection.


Tatiana (Lukyanova) Pastukhova is an Emotional Intelligence and Agile Coach based in the Netherlands. Tatiana has more than 15 years of experience in Product Management and Business Development. Successful at creating hyper-productive teams, she is now coaching effective communication, process transformation, and leadership. Tatiana has an MSc in Communication, Behaviour, and Credibility Analysis at Manchester Metropolitan University. She is also the author of “A User Guide to the Unconscious Mind” and “Psychology of Change Management.