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Portia Tung

Executive Agile Coach, Executive & Personal Coach and Play Researcher at The School of Play


Playful Leadership: Enable Transformational Change and Have Fun Doing It
playful leadership, play, leadership, personal development, professional development, EQ, play science

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Does creating change seem like a constant uphill struggle? Are you blocked by relentless resistance? Do you feel lost and alone in your efforts to create positive change?

It turns out change need not be full of pain and suffering. What’s more, the pain can be managed and the suffering is purely optional.

According to child development experts, play is the most effective and efficient way of enabling children to learn, lead, collaborate and be at their best. It turns out this also holds true for adults, especially when it comes to organisational change, based on Portia’s 20 years of working and playing with adults in organisations large and small.

In this highly interactive talk, you will experience the catalysing power of play and gain an understanding of how play can convert seemingly relentless resistance to change into joyful anticipation of growth instead. You will learn and experience the benefits of play firsthand and, by being re-acquainted with the knowledge of play, explore what being a playful leader means to you.

You will get the chance to befriend your Mind Monkey (aka your amygdala) and through a pawful of tried and tested tools and techniques from play science, neuroscience, psychology and coaching, you will develop a greater appreciation of how to create transformational change for you and others.

Play your cards right and you will increase not only your EQ but develop your Play IQ, the foundation of all intelligences according to the latest Play Science theory. No humans or monkeys were harmed in the creation of this session. Bananas not included.


Portia is an Executive Coach, Executive Agile Coach, Play Coach and Play Researcher who enables organisations to become the place where their people long to belong. Portia combines coaching and business strategies with play to bring about positive and enduring change in organisations ranging from those in the finance sector to the Prime Minister’s Office, the NHS and British Airways. She is the founder of The School of Play, dedicated to promoting happier adulthood through lifelong play.

Portia is also the author of The Dream Team Nightmare, the first ever Agile novel where your discussions determine the outcome of the story. If you’ve enjoyed the Agile Fairytales, you’ll love this first novel in the Agile Adventure Series created by Portia.