Mike Roberts

Partner at Symphonia


Continuous Experimentation
serverless DevOps agile cloud

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Over the last 20 years we’ve seen the lead time for delivering software decrease from years to weeks. Now we see an opportunity to reduce this further to days or even hours. This enables us to think about how we approach product development in a new way – one of “Continuous Experimentation”. What advantages, and what challenges, does such a way of working bring?

In this talk Mike Roberts drills into the benefits that the combination of Serverless technology, “Modern Agile”, and a few other ideas can bring to accelerating how we work. Through this he shows how Continuous Experimentation might just be the next big change in the way we deliver software.


Mike Roberts is a partner at Symphonia, a cloud technology consultancy based in New York City. Mike is a longtime proponent of Agile and DevOps values and is excited by the role that cloud technologies have played in enabling such values for many high-functioning software teams. Mike can be reached at mike@symphonia.io.

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