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Matt Lavoie

Lead UX Designer at PowerDMS


Feeding Your User's Intuition

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How might we design software to give users the inputs necessary for them make subconscious assessments about what deserves their attention and split second reactions to critical needs?

Every human being makes thousands of decisions every day. We make so many that we often, consciously or not, train our subconscious to guide us, draw our attention, or even take full “autopilot” over our behavior. Consider the experience of driving home on a familiar route or going through your morning routine. Its likely you don’t actively decide exactly how much toothpaste to use or when to apply the break as you approach a stoplight.

In this session we will study the software patterns used to contribute to a users subconscious decision making. We will discuss habits, intuition, neural networks, AI training algorithms, and the ethics of utilizing habits and cues to trigger or aid a users subconscious reaction. Designing aids for a user's subconscious decision making may not sound like a high priority functional requirement, but it is essential when it comes to critical moments where safety or operational failure risks arise.


Matt Lavoie loves solving real problems for real people, and inspiring others to do the same. Though his career began in software development, it pivoted to user experience design after he discovered a passion for the field and saw a need for the role. He is now the Lead User Experience Designer at PowerDMS, a cloud based crucial content platform, and founder of the Downtown UX Meetup, a community of UX professionals and advocates in Orlando, Florida.