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Marcin Zasepa

Director of Engineering at Homegate AG


Strangle your legacy systems with serverless
Serverless, reengineering, aws, cloud

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Freeze the features development for a longer time and start from scratch is in most cases not an option. Starting with reengineering of small parts of the legacy systems, gives the best from both world: features delivery and reengineering of the system at the same time, slowly strangling the old legacy application. Yet, very often is it still difficult to start with it as there is a constant pressure from the business to deliver. Serverless as an operational model eases significantly the rump up phase and gives a possibility to easily start with small features without a hassle of setting up the whole infrastructure, making sure that it scales, is fault tolerant and reliable.


Passionate about software development with focus on bringing the maximum value to the business with least effort. After many years as a freelance software developer working on different projects varying in size and domain, making his experience in small startup (which failed), big enterprises as BMW finally took a great opportunity to lead engineering of Switzerland's number 1 real-estate platform, transforming it from on-premise monolith to scalable, serverless application.