Katja Mordaunt

Lead Developer (Web technologies) at freelance consultant


Learn how and why to run a Code Reading club
May 28 (14:30-18:00 CEST) -
reading code
code reading practice club
learning programming
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The motivation to design and run Code Reading Clubs for programmers started with the idea that the paradigm we use to teach programming is flawed. One of the most obvious omissions is the ability to read code, both phonetically and analytically. As professional developers who read code every day, we aren't suitably equipping ourselves with these building blocks. So Felienne developed some exercises for Katja to try with her colleagues, based on her research and teaching exercises she uses with students. We tried them, we loved them, we shared them with other developers... and now we want to share them with you! We'll look at a short piece of code together. We'll take you through some exercises designed to help you get better at reading and understanding code you have not seen before. We'll explore together the various strategies we all use when tackling a new piece of code. We'll give you the tools you need to set up your own code reading club. You'll share some eureka moments with us. We'll have lots of fun! Participants should have some previous exposure to programming but it doesn't really matter how much. If you are interested in getting better at reading code and helping your friends and colleagues get better at reading code, then this workshop is for you!


Katja is a developer specialising in the design and implementation of digital services that aim to improve the reach of small charities. She works iteratively with clients and users to get as close as possible to what people need. Her choice of tools (apart from vim and linux) depends on the project, but she often writes APIs in php and frontends in React (when she has to) and Elm (when she can). She values community, open source, transparency, integrity, generally sharing stuff and giving everyone a voice. She hopes every day to contribute towards sucking a little bit of despair out of the world and adding a lot of empowerment. In a past life she produced independent films and is a believer that sharing stories makes the world a better place.