Jay Bazuzi

Software Engineer and Technical Coach at Salesforce


Refactoring to Cleaner Code
May 31, June 1 (14:30-18:00 CEST) -
C Sharp
Legacy Code
Micro Commits
Emergent Design
Open Closed Principle
Software development
code craft
Mob programming
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Often we find ourselves working with code where the functions are too long, the coding standards are inconsistent, comments are missing or out of date, and the tests are incomplete. Let’s learn how to handle that situation better.

In this hands-on class we’ll take a long, confusing method and show you multiple techniques to refactor it to clean, concise, understandable, and testable code. Commonly this is done by carefully architecting a better solution and then undertaking a rewrite of the code. That’s not what we’re going to do here. Instead, we’ll discover a better solution through a series of small, safe steps that allow you to improve the code even when you only have a little time to spend on it.
Learn to:

  • Provable refactorings
  • Extract Paragraphs
  • Naming as a process
  • Git Commit Notation
  • Extract to Classes
  • Conform to interfaces
  • Extract Interface
  • Many of 1
  • Strategy pattern
  • Factory pattern


Jay Bazuzi is a software developer that loves working in legacy code while dreaming about what could be possible. He believes that software is written by people for people. Find out more at https://github.com/JayBazuzi/Talks/blob/main/JayBazuzi.md#about-jay-bazuzi