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How to use serverless and microservices together

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Idit Levine is the founder and CEO of, a Boston-based company that develops tools to help the enterprise adopt and make the most of innovative cloud technologies. Idit is an enthusiastic active member of the open-source community. Among the open-source projects coming from solo are Gloo, the function gateway, which melds monolithic, microservices, and serverless apps; Squash, a platform for debugging microservices applications; and UniK, an orchestration tool for microVMs and unikernels. Recently Idit shared with the community her vision of the multi-mesh, an architecture pattern in which users will use multiple and different service meshes on the multi-cloud. To make this vision a reality, Solo announced SuperGloo, an open-source service mesh orchestration platform.

Prior to founding, Idit was the CTO of the cloud management division at EMC and a member of its global CTO Office. Previously, Idit gained first-hand experience in many aspects of the cloud infrastructure, working for both startup and enterprise companies, including DynamicOps (acquired by VmWare) and CloudSwitch (Verizon).

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