Cosima Laube

Learning Human Being at HolidayCheck AG


Cosima Laube is an Agile Software Engineer and Coach. With over 12 years of experience as an engineer in different organisations, she is now at her place "between coding and leadership".

Cosima mainly guides people in uncovering their full potential to be even more successful in the IT business. Her special feature is having both: solid IT knowledge and 'people skills'. 
Studies in psychology, a coaching education and a network of like-minded people provide her with a decent theoretical and practical background also in this area. 
On a more personal note she is an avid runner, cares about sustainability and is passionate about Positive Psychology.

Despite counting herself more to the introverts, one day Cosima decided to show up more and since then she enjoys speaking at conferences – basically about everything 'human' in the IT world.
To be more specific, topics she covered so far contain mindfulness, emotional intelligent communication and leadership in IT. 

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