Bill Kennedy

Managing Partner at Ardan Labs


Profiling and Tracing Applications in Go
May 27 (14:30-18:30 CEST) -
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In this workshop we will write a program to find topics from a set of news feeds. Once we have a base understanding of performance, we will use Go's tracing tool to identify ways to make the program run faster. As we learn more, we will make coding changes and trace the program again. Throughout the workshop, I will share what I know about the tracing tool and explain what I see. Depending on time, we will profile another program and once again, identify potential issues slowing the software down and make coding changes based on what we find.


William Kennedy is a managing partner at Ardan Labs in Miami, Florida, a group of passionate engineers, artists and business professionals focused on building and delivering reliable, secure and scalable software solutions. He is also a co-author of the book Go in Action, the author of the blog GoingGo.Net, and a founding member of GoBridge which is working to increase Go adoption through diversity.