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2024. May 28. - May 29., 9:00-17:00
Practical Messaging
Software Delivery Craft Matters
design patterns
software architecture
Level: General

Increasingly developers are relying on distributed architectures to solve the problems of scaling their applications and their development teams. But that means they now have to consider the problem of getting the parts of their systems to talk to each other.

In this tutorial, we will look at distributed systems, such as microservices, and how we integrate them. We will understand why we would prefer to messaging, the fundamentals and key concepts of messaging and how to build an event driven architecture. If you have ever been put off moving from HTTP or RPC-based solutions to messaging because of the need to learn how to implement messaging-based solutions, this workshop will get you started. if you have been using messaging but want to gain a firmer understanding of how to build event driven architectures, this workshop will help you understand how to succeed with reactive approaches.

The material is presented in four parts: distributed systems, messaging (hands-on exercises), asynchronous conversations (hands-on exercises), and event driven architectures.

Hands-on exercises are offered in C#, Java,JavaScript, Python and Go.

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