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2024. May 28.,
Lean Poker: Master Short Lead Times
Software Delivery Craft Matters
agile development
iterative refinement
software development
technical excellence
software architecture
Level: General

Under pressure to deliver more, faster? This Workshop Is for You!

Lean Poker isn't a traditional training; instead, it puts you and your team in the heart of the action, competing to create the best poker bot on the market. This dynamic, hands-on experience helps you explore the true value of agility, DevOps, and short lead times in a fast-paced environment, providing a level of understanding that traditional training can't match.

While coding, Ivett—the creator of Lean Poker, with over 15 years of experience in the software industry as both an engineer and a leader—will be there to spotlight growth opportunities and offer actionable advice to boost your team's effectiveness.

You Will Gain:

  • Hands-on experience with deploying, seeking out immediate feedback, and iterating.

  • The ability to quickly adopt to changing market demands and project requirements and with less stress.

  • An understanding of your current most important growth opportunities.

  • Actionable advice on how you can help your team deliver more impact and gain a competitive advantage.

This workshop is ideal for software engineers and engineering leaders feeling the burn of relentless demands, as well as agile or technical coaches seeking impactful ways to foster team development.

Lean Poker offers a holistic view, highlighting areas for personal and team growth and demonstrating what effective software development truly looks like. The over 100 events across 4 contents have already transformed the working style of thousands of engineers worldwide, showcasing the universal value and adaptability of this gamified approach to education.

Lean Poker isn't just about doing; it's about learning to do better, faster, and with less stress.

Craft 2024 - Ivett Ördög
Ivett Ördög
Engineering Culture Advocate at Lean Poker

Ivett Ördög is a public speaker and the creator of Lean Poker, a gamified devops training tool that teaches agile, lean and continuous deployment practices to developers. She is based in Bavaria, Germany and has over 15 years of experience in software development and leadership. She is passionate about innovation, collaboration and learning, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and insights with other...