Extreme Reliability Masterclass: Programming like your life depends on it.
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Level: Advanced

No matter how much advancement we see in programming tools and hardware technology, software development remains resolutely difficult. The preoccupation of today’s developers is exactly what it was fifty years ago: how can we create software which works reliably, and how we can extend it without breaking it? We just accept that software is inherently flawed, that all software contains bugs like original sin, and we design our processes around that.

But what if it were possible to write software correctly? What if we could create bug-free, maintainable code? And what if it were cheaper, faster and easier to write correct code than to write the buggy variety? What then?

It turns out that it is possible to write perfect code. In fact, perfect code is not that uncommon - we have been entrusting our lives to it for decades. What do they do, these perfect programmers, that the rest of us don’t? What research backs up their practices? Can we all do what they do?

This workshop is for architects, team leads, and developers who want to eliminate not just 95% of their bugs, but all of them. Over the two days you will discover:

  • What software reliability is, and why it is different from any other kind of reliability;

  • The properties that code needs to have to be - and stay - reliable (and no: it’s not “testability”)

  • The four key anti-patterns that are responsible for nearly all unreliability and technical debt (and their antidotes);

  • Some positive patterns that will protect your code’s integrity no matter how much maintenance it endures.

This workshop will transform how you think about code, will give you techniques and tools which you can use the day you return to work, and will boost your velocity and your reliability overnight.

Craft 2024 - Jules May
Jules May
Principal at 22 Consulting

Jules is a freelance consultant specialising in safety-critical systems, mathematical software, and compilers and languages. He has been writing, teaching and speaking for 25 years, and conducts frequent lectures and workshops. He is the author of Extreme Reliability: Programming Like Your Life Depends On It, and is the originator of Problem Space Analysis.He lives in North-East Scotland....