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Purple Stage
May 31, 11:25 - 12:10 CET
The Next Evolution of Chaos Engineering Tooling: Introducing Latency Squeeze Injection (LSI)
Software Delivery Craft Matters
technical excellence
software architecture
Level: Intermediate

Discover a new approach to chaos experimentation using Latency Squeeze Injection (LSI) with PRECog. We'll explain how this tool, developed for one of the world's largest financial institutions, helps continuously verify Service Level Objectives (SLOs), proactively identify service degradation points, and enhance system resilience. Learn how LSI experimentation empowers engineers to gain a precise understanding of their system's operational safety margin, allowing them to make informed decisions and steer clear of potential pitfalls. Join us to see how CapitalOne leverages this capability to build more resilient and reliable distributed systems.

Craft 2024 - Aaron Rinehart
Aaron Rinehart
Global Cybersecurity Leader & Distinguished Engineer at CapitalOne

Aaron Rinehart has spent his career solving complex challenging engineering problems and transforming cybersecurity practices across a diverse set of industries: healthcare, insurance, government, aerospace, technology, higher education, and the military. Aaron has been expanding the possibilities of chaos engineering in its application to other safety-critical portions of the IT domain, most nota...