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Platform 2
May 31, 14:45 - 15:30 CET
Team evolution with DDD and Dynamic Reteaming
Software Delivery Craft Matters
Level: Advanced

Are you and your organization in pursuit of exponential growth? Trying to achieve a compound increase in the impact and value you create? Are you struggling with increasing complexity all across? Slowed by growth pains and legacy systems? I can relate.

Over the past years, together with the talented team at Vinted, we have been turning these challenges into opportunities for innovation and success. We learned that our success depends on tight alignment between business (domain), organizational structure, and architecture. And to get there, we need a lot of exploration, experimentation, and failing forward.

In my talk, I’ll share:

  • What we are optimizing our system for and why

  • The blueprint of our operating model (including components from DDD and Dynamic Reteaming)

  • Benefits we've gained so far

  • Challenges along the way

  • My reflections and insights

If you feel like you are on a similar journey, I invite you to join my talk and make it the start of our further conversations.

Craft 2024 - Ornela Vasiliauskaitė
Ornela Vasiliauskaitė
Agile Coach at Vinted

Ornela is an accomplished Agile Coach, bringing a decade of experience from diverse software product organizations. Over the past three years, she has been working at Vinted, where she plays a pivotal role in enhancing product development. In her company, she is known as an innovator - her fluency in multiple frameworks and methods allows her to take the most relevant parts of each framework and c...