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May 30, 14:55 - 15:40 CET
Redefining Human-AI Collaboration: Implementing “Sentient Support” Using ChatGPT for DevOps Teams
Software Delivery Craft Matters
artificial intelligence
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Level: Intermediate

In the evolving narrative of DevOps, the next chapter is being written not just by human hands but also by the nuances of artificial intelligence. Central to this transformation is the exploration of the potential AI models, particularly ChatGPT, might hold when tailored to the specific needs of DevOps environments. This session offers an insightful gaze into a groundbreaking open-source project: the conceptualization and deployment of “Sentient Support”, a revolutionary AI-driven helpdesk system crafted for DevOps communities.

“Sention Support” stands as a beacon in the open-source landscape, showcasing how community-driven innovation can intersect with AI capabilities. By fusing ChatGPT with open-source DevOps tools like Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes, “Sentient Support” goes beyond mere troubleshooting. It offers real-time code analysis and proactive solution recommendations. This is not about an AI takeover but a testimony to the symphony that can be orchestrated when AI and DevOps enthusiasts collaborate in the spirit of open-source.

This session offers a journey into the heart of this open-source endeavor. Attendees will witness the meticulous process through which ChatGPT, harnessing the power of community contributions, was trained on a rich tapestry of domain-specific content, encompassing documentation, error logs, and solution threads from open platforms like GitHub. However, every innovation brings its set of challenges. Integrating the powerful outputs of ChatGPT with the tangible, everyday hurdles of DevOps demanded a delicate dance of alignment. As participants delve deeper, they’ll gain insights into the challenges and triumphs of merging AI wisdom with real-world DevOps tasks in an open-source setting.

Feedback, often termed the lifeblood of open-source projects, is pivotal to “Sentient Support”. The system thrives on a community-driven feedback loop, allowing the AI to continuously refine its offerings, ensuring relevance and resonance with the needs of the DevOps world. But what does success look like? The tangible impacts of “Sentient Support” will also be unveiled, highlighting the transformative effects on resolution times and team dynamics when open-source ethos meets AI efficiency.

Beyond the algorithms and analytics, there lies a realm of reflection: the ethics of open-source AI integration. The session promises a contemplative discussion on the ethical contours of such collaborations, exploring trust, the essence of community, and the imperatives of preserving human decision-making in a rapidly digitizing domain.

Craft 2024 - Renaldi Gondosubroto
Renaldi Gondosubroto
Software Engineer at SEEK

Renaldi Gondosubroto is an accomplished Software Engineer, instructor and a developer advocate in the tech community. With over a decade of experience in developing Artificial Intelligence solutions, he has made significant contributions to numerous companies and communities. Outside of the industry, he is active in the academia community, having his research focused on generative AI and machine l...