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May 31, 13:40 - 14:25 CET
Real Learning for your Team without Overdesign
Software Delivery Craft Matters
Level: General

Existing methods to measure skills are painful, binary, and usually wrong. What if you could measure in a way that told you exactly what action to take, show you the impact of even two days of improvement, and not waste your time?

While so many agile maturity models assess whether you do particular practices in particular ways, they don't usually assess your ability to change, have impact, or adapt to real world circumstances. In this talk, Marian Hartman will give you a recipe to help your team to make real continuous change.

Are you ready to meet your team where they are, and improve in tiny bites every day?

Craft 2024 - Marian Hartman
Marian Hartman
Learning Designer at Dig Deep Roots

Marian Hartman is a learning architect and expert whisperer who specializes in developing large-scale learning programs based on key business drivers and measurable results. Both Marian's Masters and PhD focused in adult learning. Marian has been actively involved in the software industry for over a decade and is current the co-founder of Deep Roots. She shapes the learning content to be in tiny, ...