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Orange Stage
May 31, 10:30 - 11:15 CET
Occupy the Space: A grassroots guide to engineering (and product) strategy when none exists
Software Delivery Craft Matters
product thinking
Level: Intermediate+

The typical problem in product engineering is not bad strategy, so much as “no strategy”. This leads to confusion, lack of motivation, and incoherent action. The next time you look for a strategy and find an empty space, instead of waiting for it to be filled, I will show you how to fill it in yourself. If you’re wrong, it forces a correction. If you’re right, it helps create focus. I’ll share how I’ve approached this in the past, both what works and lessons for what didn’t work so well.

Craft 2024 - Jason Yip
Jason Yip
Principal at Reinvention Cycle LLC

Jason has been involved in Agile software development since 1999 when he first encountered Extreme Programming. He was previously at ThoughtWorks for 14 years, initially as a practitioner on delivery teams and then as a Principal Consultant on digital and Agile transformation. After ThoughtWorks, Jason was at Spotify for 8 years as a Staff Agile Coach, helping the ad tech and marketing tech areas ...