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May 30, 14:00 - 14:45 CET
Moldable Development: programming through custom tools
Software Delivery Craft Matters
agile development
software development
vital skills
Level: General

At first, programming was about code.

At some point, tests became code. This introduced a new feedback loop and programming changed.

Then, infrastructure became code. This too introduced a new feedback loop and programming changed again.

Now, tools are becoming code. This is also introducing a new feedback loop and programming is changing yet again.

Tools as code are tools that can be adapted and extended quickly, ideally while we program. These tools can then be customized for each development problem. The practice of programming through such custom tools is called Moldable Development.

In this talk, we'll explore what Moldable Development is through live demos of Glamorous Toolkit (, a moldable development environment.

Craft 2024 - Tudor Girba
Tudor Girba
CEO at

Tudor Gîrba is a software environmentalist and CEO of where he works with an amazing team to make the inside of systems explainable. Much of the work is embodied in Glamorous Toolkit (, a novel environment that enables Moldable Development, a way of programming through custom tools built for each development problem....