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Purple Stage
May 31, 15:40 - 16:25 CET
Model Mitosis: Stop making the wrong choice between microservices and monolith
Software Delivery Craft Matters
domain-driven design
modular monolith
domain model
Level: Intermediate

Just as models should be iterative, strategic design should change when the context and our understanding of the problem evolve. As a model grows to solve more problems, it becomes less supple in its ability to evolve. Tensions arise within the model that struggles to stay coherent.

Eventually it reaches a critical mass and becomes a big ball of mud.

How do we know when it’s time to let new models emerge? How do we carry on the decision to split a model? How can we handle the progressive differentiation of our models while avoiding unnecessary coupling? It’s not as easy as a clean axe cut in the middle, finding the right boundaries is hard.

We would like to introduce the Model Mitosis, a dynamic pattern used to split a model into multiple ones that will get shaped and decoupled iteratively, without falling into the big ball of mud and the microservices trap

Craft 2024 - Julien Topçu
Julien Topçu
Tech Coach Consultant at Shodo

I like to craft software with high business value using techniques from Domain-Driven Design (#DDD), all powered by Xtreme Programming in the Kanban #NoEstimates philosophy. Member of the OWASP foundation, I evangelise on application security techniques in order to avoid being hacked properly....

Craft 2024 - Josian Chevalier
Josian Chevalier
Senior Software Engineer at Shodo

Software Craftsman at Shodo, I specialize in Domain Driven Design. I strive to improve my approach of software development and my knowledge, as well as raise awareness about software quality among developers....