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May 31, 16:55 - 17:40 CET
One (Open Source) Cloud Language to Rule Them All
Software Delivery Craft Matters
Level: General

DevOps is a cultural phenomenon that has broken down silos, increased velocity and improved productivity immeasurably. While new tools have emerged to embrace the “everything as code” philosophy, programming languages themselves still are siloed in their purpose. What if… a single DevOps centric language could create resources, secure communications, ensure least privilege permissions and execute application code in any cloud environment? Sound too good to be true? Allow me to take you under my “Wing” and show you a unified approach to cloud development which combines infrastructure and code into a single programming model.

Craft 2024 - Elad Ben-Israel
Elad Ben-Israel
CEO and Co-Founder at Wing Cloud Inc.

After an amazing journey to create the AWS CDK, CDK8s, JSII and Projen, Elad has recently left the comforts of AWS to start a new company called Wing Cloud. Wing’s mission is to democratize the cloud by reimagining cloud development from the ground up (pun intended of course). Elad lives in Tel-Aviv with his husband and 4-year-old twins, and in his spare time attends Burning Man and sweats at the ...