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In schedule:
Orange Stage
May 30, 11:55 - 12:40 CET
Bounded Contexts: Team Topologies and Architecture boundaries aligned
Software Delivery Craft Matters
domain model
domain-driven design
dependency management
product thinking
software architecture
technical debt
Level: General

In most systems today there is an inherent misalignment between software architecture, organizational structure, and the domain. This misalignment results in friction and makes efficient and coherent development unnecessarily hard.
I will show you a holistic approach to modeling that uses system thinking and Domain-Driven Design to explore and map the various forces that influence your system architecture.

Topics include:

  • System Thinking: Exploring enforcing and balancing loops in your ecosystem

  • Context Mapping: Map the socio-technical architecture of your system

  • Beyond Team topologies: How social interactions influence your architecture and vice versa

Let's start building your own toolbelt of methods and heuristics designed to bridge the gaps between software architecture, team dynamics, and the domain at hand.

Craft 2024 - Marco Heimeshoff
Marco Heimeshoff
Chief of Story Telling at Heimeshoff IT / KanDDDinsky / VirtualDDD

Marco Heimeshoff is a trainer, speaker and software developer from Germany. He organizes KanDDDinsky, a conference about Domain-driven Design and the art of business software and co-founded the german DDD community in 2013 and in 2019. Between consulting companies around the globe and building health care software, you'll find him speaking at conferences about DDD, socio-technical s...