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Platform 2
May 31, 15:40 - 16:25 CET
AI for Software Development: A Reality Check
Software Delivery Craft Matters
Level: General

AI assistance beyond code: What do we need to make it work?

AI assistance for coding is becoming more and more popular, while assistance for software delivery tasks in areas like analysis or architecture is still much less explored in practice. This talk will walk through what we need to properly leverage AI for knowledge tasks like user story writing, threat modelling, or decision record writing. The examples will show how we can amplify knowledge on a team through prompts, different interaction patterns with AI, and careful knowledge orchestration. The talk will show both practical examples of simple things that you can already try today as well as things that need more effort or time to evolve.

You will take away a better picture of the potential of AI assistance for tasks beyond coding, and a better idea of what needs to be in place on a team to welcome AI as a productive team member.

Craft 2024 - Birgitta Boeckeler
Birgitta Boeckeler
Global Lead for AI-assisted Software Delivery at Thoughtworks

Birgitta works at the global software consultancy Thoughtworks, where she is currently the Global Lead for AI-assisted Software Delivery. She is a software developer, architect and technical leader with about 20 years of experience in technology. Her long career in software delivery consulting has given her the opportunity to see many organizations and teams succeed and fail at delivering valuable...