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Prevent Rewrites - a Map from Legacy Ugliness to Modern DevSecOps
Software Delivery Craft Matters
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Level: General

Have you noticed that every product seems to need a rewrite to change technology, then one to implement the new security architecture, then one to clear accumulated technical debt, and then…when will it end? Even teams that used TDD and DevOps to build the last version fall in the same trap because the business changes. Are we doomed to rewrite?

In this talk, Arlo will show a new way of working that prevents rewrite moments. And then he'll show you a map that you can use to navigate from your current ways of working to this new one. You will:

  • Get the benefit of today's rewrite without the cost or risk of rewriting

  • Identify the most useful skills to learn next, for your career and your current team

  • Learn how to pick your best next mentor, and when to move on to the one after that

  • Segment a legacy code overhaul or DevOps adoption into a sequence of small, adoptable behavior changes

  • Identify the specific support that your team needs right now

  • Avoid the overwhelm that comes from trying to change everything at once

Craft 2024 - Arlo Belshee
Arlo Belshee
Distinguished Engineer at Deep Roots

Arlo Belshee, 20-year legacy code and DevOps veteran, has a passion for zero bugs. A firm believer in mending code, Arlo's current work is his company, Dig Deep Roots | Refactoring for Depth, where he teaches technical practices that unwind legacy code safely a codebase at a time....