Craft 2024 - Tamás Szabó
Tamás Szabó
Staff Research Engineer at GitHub
About Tamás Szabó

Tamás works as a research engineer at GitHub Next, which is a research lab within GitHub exploring the future of software engineering. He is involved in a number of Next explorations centered around (AI-assisted) developer tooling. He holds a PhD in computer science, and his research topic was about the efficient execution of program analyses. His work has been presented in scientific publications, and you can regularly find him speaking at industry events, as well. Outside of work, you can either find him spending time with his wife and son or riding his mountain bike.

Copilot Workspace - A reimagined developer inner loop with AI assistance at every step
Software Delivery Craft Matters
artificial intelligence
software architecture
software development
Level: General
In schedule:
Purple Stage
May 31, 13:40 - 14:25 CET

Copilot Workspace is a reimagined developer inner loop. The focal points of the experience are selecting a task, expressing intent, and then collaborating with AI towards a solution. We believe this can dramatically reduce complexity, improve productivity, and delight developers, without taking away the aspects of software development that they value most, such as decision making, creativity, and ...