Craft 2024 - Stewart Gleadow
Stewart Gleadow
Executive Manager, Engineering at REA Group (
About Stewart Gleadow

Stewart Gleadow is Executive Manager of Engineering for the consumer marketplace experiences for buyers, renters and sellers on

With 15+ year experience building software, across mobile apps, web and backend systems, Stewart is now focused on the teams, structures and strategy to succeed at scale. When not working, he's either playing backyard sports with his boys or maintaining the lawn required to play those sports.

Fighting software entropy
Software Delivery Craft Matters
code quality
architecture decision records
legacy code
software architecture
technical debt
technical debt management
technical excellence
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Purple Stage
May 30, 16:55 - 17:40 CET

Building software is the easy part. Evolving and maintaining it is the hard part.Preferred approaches change, team members leave, tech debt accumulates, dependencies date, ownership changes, and everyone has a lot of other work on their plate. Software decay is a very real and endemic problem for us all. So how can you break from the cycle of build, atrophy, replatform, repeat?Join us to hear abou...