Craft 2024 - Robert I. Horvath
Robert I. Horvath
Embedded Software Development Manager at Accenture
About Robert I. Horvath

Robi has been coding since the age of 11 and fixed cars long before he was allowed to drive them. With over 20 years of software development experience, Robi's favorite projects involve adding software to make things smarter, such as electrical power distribution devices, trains, and cars. Currently, he leads a team of software developers at Accenture Industry X, writing code that will run in future car models.

Who drives your car?
Software Delivery Craft Matters
Level: General
In schedule:
Innovation Stage
May 31, 10:30 - 11:15 CET

This is just one of the questions that point in the same direction. Who builds your car? Who sells your car? Who does the check-up of your car? Who shares your car? And WHY?Software has become an integral part of the automotive industry, revolutionizing the way we experience our vehicles. It enhances safety, convenience and entertainment, making our journeys more enjoyable. With continuous softwar...