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Richard Wiseman
About Richard Wiseman

Professor Richard Wiseman has published over 100 academic papers examining the psychology of magic, illusion, deception, luck and self-development.  He has written popular psychology books (including The Luck Factor and 59 Seconds) that have sold over 3 million copies, and his YouTube videos have attracted over 600 million views.

He regularly gives keynote talks to a wide range of organisations, is one of the most followed psychologists on Twitter, and the Independent On Sunday chose him as one of the top 100 people who make Britain a better place to live. A Member of the Inner Magic Circle, Richard acts as a creative consultant on several stage and television projects, including work with Penn and Teller, and Derren Brown.

Richard has been described by Elizabeth Loftus (Past President, Association for Psychological Science) as ‘one of the world’s most creative psychologists’, and in 2023 the first season of his On Your Mind Podcast reached No.1 in Apple Podcast’s Science charts.

The Luck Factor
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Level: General
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Main Stage
May 30, 17:50 - 18:50 CET

Why do some people lead happy successful lives whilst others face repeated failure? Why are some people consistently in the right place at the right time, while others are always unlucky? Professor Richard Wiseman has worked with some of the world’s luckiest and unluckiest people to answer these fascinating questions. In this talk he reveals how people and organisations create their good fortune b...